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Real Estate Inspections
Modern House

You will get a thorough inspection on every system of your house. From structural ones to cosmetic ones, We will try to find every single defect. Every inspection includes a complete Thermal reading inspection of the house components (Roof, Plumbing, Insulation...) and a Foundation Elevation Survey at no extra cost. 

An average inspection takes about 3 hours and we welcome our clients to be there at the end to discuss the findings. You will receive a detailed and professional report within 24h with an average of 80 to 100 pictures. We also remain available afterwards to answer any questions and ensure that you remain satisfied and safe in your home.

Phase Inspections

Building a house is one of the most stressful times in your life. You need to have somebody trustworthy by your side to ensure a smooth process. We will come inspect at three very important steps :

1. Pre-Pour Foundations (Phase 1): Form Boards, Reinforcements, Concealed Plumbing, Leveling

2. Pre-drywall (Phase 2): Roof, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

3. Final Inspection (Phase 3) : Everything from foundations to roof, Minor and Major

Commercial Inspections

Whether it is an auto shop or a 50 unit hotel, we invest the same amount of care and pride in your commercial inspections than in the residential ones. Every commercial inspection is very unique and personalized. You will get a complete assessment of all the main components, systems and features in order to fully understand the property and properly assist you in your transaction. We would work with your needs, wants and areas of concerns.

Other Items

We provide other services that can be added to any inspection or separate:

- Thermal Reading Inspections

- Foundation Elevation Surveys

- Pre sale Inspections

- Sprinkler systems

- Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs

- Outbuildings

- Water wells

- Septic systems

- WDI (Termites) Reports can be provided upon request for your convenience

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