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Rudy and Amy R.

Mr. Hays did an exceptional job. While being mindful of our time, he took the time throughout his inspection to stop and explain his findings in a way that was easy to understand.  His report was received promptly with supporting documentation and recommendations. We were VERY impressed. Would HIGHLY recommend. 

Gary S.

Our builder and bank suggested that we get a third party (Non-Bias) home inspection done on our new house. I was drawn to Hays Inspection Service due to the favorable reviews and I wasn’t disappointed nor will anyone considering their service. Vincent was extremely professional, thorough and really good at explaining to me those things that he found that weren’t up to building standards or could have possible code issues. This was money well spent and Vincent left me feeling secure in our builder overall and confident to request that certain items be addressed prior to closing! I Highly Recommend this service :-)

Tony and Rosalinda M.

We want to thank Vincent for his exemplary work. He performed a very thorough inspection and provided us with a extensive detailed report of the home we are seeking to purchase. The report was completed the same day of which was very important to us. The written and verbal explanation of his findings were easily understood. We greatly appreciate his honesty, professionalism and attention to detail. We highly recommend Vincent's services! 

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